A Day Around Canoa

Today was the first “not so nice” weather day” since I have been in Ecuador. Windy, low clouds, a bit of light rain and temperature wise the high was only 19 (that of course on the plus side for all you Canadian readers). After some Spanish lesson book time, hiked into Canoa for coffee, and some additional exploration of the town. Canoa has a population around 4000 people with lots of beach side hotels, hostels and both regular type and beach side cabana style restaurants. A main highway goes through Canoa and that is the only paved road the rest of Coana has dirt roads. aim addition to a few car, lots of people, the roads are shared by dogs (everyone seems to have one and the off leash dog park is Canoa), chickens, ducks and donkeys. On the beach, there are aroun thirty fishing boats that get rolled into or out of the water using two logs per boat. There are lots of restaurants and hotel/Hostal for sale agree in Canoa and most of them could use some fix-up. Hiking back along the beach I rechecked out the Coconut Hostal, restaurant and bar. It is owned by five people from B,C, I was invited Donna barbeque rib dinner tomorrow night, I will check it out. T-bone Tuesday at the Surf Shack did not disappoint. Off to Bahia tomorrow.

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  1. Sound great! Enjoy the Barbeque. I have been so busy trying to get all my stuff done. Ecuador is coming up fast and right now after reading your blog I am hungry. hablamos luego………….Amor Gwen

  2. Where are your blogs? I have not seen a new one for two days. I look forward to reading them every morning.

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