While I have had only a short time in Ecuador I thought I would pass on a few observations from my limited travels around Canoa, San Vicente and Bahia. Of course, while the ocean, surf, weather and vistas are wonderful, not everything is a bed of rose (Having said that, it should be noted that the roses are cheap here). Not having to rush off to work or another destination, I have the opportunity to watch the people, explore the streets and get a small insight on how some of the Ecuadorians live.

The Barber Shop: walking down a side street in San Vicente, I passed by a small 12′ x 12′ unpainted wooden shack. There were opening for windows and a door but none in place. In the centre of the room sat a guy on an old wooden chair, cigerette ietting his hair cut by the barber. Three other guys leaning against the wall of the shack laughing and talking with each other, perhaps waiting their turn.

San Vicente Viewpoint: As I walked up to the higher ground where you can get a better view of San Vicente, I went through the poorer neighbourhood . Many of the small houses are made from a collection of bamboo, wood, metal and plastic. There is no water to these houses so clean water is carried to and waste water carried away from the houses. In spite of that, the ladies were chatting with each other, the kids were playing and of course the dogs were barking.

The Street Vendors: It’s all there, just a bit different for the gringo from Canada. The fishermen have their catch of the day all laid out on the tables and as I watch people line up to bargain and pick up their fish. The fruit vendors are many and there is much to choose from. The butcher is cutting up his offerings for the day and hanging the meat on hooks above his table. He stops occasionally to brush the flies away and the dogs not unexpectedly find his booth attractive. There are many more, the bakery guy, egg guy, shoe repair guy using a stand that looks like a child’s lemonade stand, newspapers, lottery tickets, cleaning supplies, well, you get the idea. of course throughout all of this is the noise of the traffic and horns blaring, vendors crying out their wares, birds squaking, and dogs barking. The neat thing is, that as I stand and watch all this activity, it all seems to work.

The Laundry Mat: As I was waiting for the bus, I watched the lady at the laundry mat which consists of a variety of wash pans. As people drop off their laundry on the street corner, she soaks, washes, rinses, wrings out the clothes and then hangs out to dry. she has clothes lines placed all around her including one on a small island between two driving lanes of traffic.

On this post day, I was glad to have the opportunity to watch and observe some of the everyday life  in San Vicente.


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  1. That’s amazing. I can see it all.

  2. Are you feeling rich?

  3. Very tranquil setting. Even historically sworn enemies, the dog and cat seem to be chillin – or the dog is feigning disinterest to lure the cat closer for a mid day snack! Just sayin. Enjoy.

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