“Tomalo Suave”

“Tomalo suave” (take it easy) As part of integrating within the culture of Ecuador, no real post today. Internet to slow for photos, spent evening on beach with Sundown group over a large fire and small bottle of rum.

I am sure that today I will be super busy doing – well, maybe not – will keep you posted.

Tomalo Suave

Note to Readers:

All errors, omissions, spelling in English and Spanish are mine and I take full responsibility. Please feel free to not bothering correcting my misteaks. I would like for you to not have to waste your time and for me “O Bien”.

About Murray Hindle

Retired National Park Warden now living in Kelowna, BC. Spending three months in Ecuador starting November 15, 2012 for pleasure, adventure, culture and language training. Perhaps a beer or two.

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  1. Your diction is terrible — I didn’t undestan a ting you wrote. Except, the small bottle of rum, the fire, and the beach. That part sounded pretty OK. Gos buenos tiempos. Look it up. I had to.

  2. Apparently I must reiterate “O bien”, and ditto on your well meaning but poorly written salutation.

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