T Bone Tuesday

Ten Dollar T Bone Market in Bahai Butcher Shop & Customers The Barber Shop








December 11, Canoa, Ecuador (Partly Cloudy, + 27)

I started out the day reading Spanish words attempting to use the correct pronunciation. After an hour of Luis patiently correcting me on just about every friggin word, I decided my time would be better spent or at least more enjoyable in Bahia. While waiting for the bus an American that owns a hotel down the way stopped and three of us jumped into the back box on his small pickup. This practice is quite common where vehicle drivers with room will honk and if interested in ride you raise your arm and jump in with the other ten plus people in the back of the vehicle. Once in San Vicente, I got onto my favorite mode of transportation, the panga. When the panga fills up (max 24 people) it only costs .30 for thee ride. One of the last people to get on was a very large lady and when she sat down the boat listed over quite quickly and a few screams from the other passengers. Once we got the weight distributed (four people to the other side) off we went with one embarrassed passenger. Found a great market in Bahia with stall after stall of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and lots of fresh fish and shrimp. It was a hot day so rather then walk, we flagged down a three wheeled bicycle and jumped on. For three bucks we got this poor Ecuadorian to peddle two of us around the city for and hour ( but I did give him a big  tip) after the exorbitant three dollar fare. A nice lunch with the required two large beer and back to the Sundown to (actually, I am not sure what I do there other then read, relax and sleep).

T Bone Tuesday at the Surf Shack

Off to Canoa via the beach (tide is down and sun is quickly following). It is T Bone Tuesday at the Surf Shack and you have to get there early (7 pm is early) otherwise they sell out as they only get in a limited number of steaks. Four other guys from the Sundown showed up so we all ordered our steaks  but only four steaks left so “Shute” a traveler from Holland had to settle for a hamburger combo.  After a  week of eating rice, vegetables and fish, shrimp and chicken a good steak goes down great. I will miss T Bone Tuesday.

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