Central Historica Quito

First full day in Quito and Ecuador for Gwen and Pat so it was off to explore the old   historical part of Quito  on foot. There is much to see and do all around where we are staying at the Hotel San Francisco de Quito. The parks, the central squares, the museums and church’s are all beautiful with some of the buildings over 500 years old. The oldest church in Quito took 70 years to build followed by a major renovation hundreds of years later due to an earthquake.

In the “Grande Square” Gwen was approached by a beggar holding out his hand, she was just sitting down for a smoke so offered one to the beggar who declined by giving the cigarette back. Shortly after a shoeshine boy requested to shine Gwen’s shoes and asked $2 which I explained to Gwen that it was about $1.50 too much. He seemed to have problems matching the shoe colour so requested help from his cohorts (pic) soon Gwen had 4 young lads doing their best to destroy her shoes. Her shoes went from dirty tan to blotchy cream and tan. I think she ended up paying a dollar just so they would stop wrecking her shoes further.

Of course being the first lunch in Ecuador what better place to have lunch then at a pizza place – actually quite good – and of course the required beer to keep one hydrated.

After the siesta we grabbed a cab and tried to get to El Panecillo – La Virgen de Quito. This is a huge statue of the Virgin Mary and the only one in the world where she has wings. Unfortunately traffic was so bad and so slow that I got out and walked up to find that there was  parade / festival going on and hundreds of people were leading the hundreds of cars up to the Panecillo. Quickly turned the taxi driver around and then  asked him to take us to  the newer part of Quito. Thirty minutes later we ended up back in Historic Central near our hotel with the taxi driver not sure where we wanted to go. Jumped out of cab and walked to the hotel. Hoping to find a place to eat nearby we found that by 6:30 almost everything had closed or was closing. With everyone getting tired it was a quick stop at TIA (grocery store chain) to buy supplies for ham sandwich’s to tide us over until our trip to Salinas tomorrow.


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  1. Sounds like a busy first day in Quito. Touristy stuff can really wear you out. Of course the pictures ,as usual, are great, especially the lunch in the tunnel. Every one tells a story. What’s your room look like?
    Estás buscando más. Again, thank god for Google.

  2. Hi Murray Gwen Pat Now your all in Quito I laughed when I saw all those guys trying to polish Gwen boots .Scary plane landing.

  3. Ha estado nevando mucho para los ultimos tres dias en Kelowna(it has been snowing lots for the last 3 days in Kelowna). Pala, pala, pala!!!(shovel, shovel, shovel!!!) Cual es el tiempo hoy para ustedes?(what was the weather like for you guys today?) Hey, AJ, how are you getting the accent marks over your exceptional spanish? Is that old church the one where you want to go Christmas Eve, Gwen? Hope the boots aren’t wrecked. Great pictures, Murray. Can hardly wait till tomorrow to hear more news. Ustedes tienen un gran dia(you guys have a great day)! Love, Gail
    p.s. I AM cheating with the spanish but it’s like my daily lesson.

  4. I am leaving the blogging to Murray. He does it very well. I will just add my comments like everyone else. Just so you know my $200.00 Italian shoes are completely destroyed. Never never get a shoe shine in Quito just give them money to go away. I will add that the Cathedrals in quito are AMAZING!!!. Murray has some pictures that you can see when we get back. We are in Salinas now and we have a beautiful view of the ocean. It is right across the street from us. We are still trying to get settled in so will send more info once we get more organized. Murray is washing clothes right now and doing a spanking good job of it too. I will let him explain everything on his next Blog.
    I want to say Congratulations to my grandson Lochlan for recieving an Acedemic Achievement for school. Way to go Lochlan! Tennille let me know how it goes with TD. I seem to be able to recieve my e-mail msgs but I cannot seem to send any out so I will use Murrays blog to communicate until I figure things out……..Love to all Mom/Gwen

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