View From Room in Salinas Centre Bldg. is Alamar View of Unit Evening ViewAnother day of travel, leaving Quito in the am for the airport via taxi. A valiant attempt at speaking Spanish with the taxi driver resulted in him laughing out loud at whatever it is he thought I was saying, I sure don’t know but he had a good laugh. Very impressed with how efficient getting through the airport, checking luggage and getting on the plane. No hassles, no problems and even in another country and language it was easy. Short flight to Guayaquil which is the largest city in Ecuador. Spent very little time there but what we did see on our way out of the city to Salinas was very nice.  Gwen did the negotiating with the taxi driver and got him down to $70 for the trip to Salinas. Seemed high but when you consider it is a two and one half hour trip one way and then he has to drive back the price seems pretty reasonable. The driver was very friendly and helpful and we were able to communicate (at times) – lots of “No Entiendo – I don’t understand” but the bottom line is we got where we wanted to get to.

We arrived at our building called the “Alamar” which is as advertised a very nice newer hi-rise right on the beach. We are on the 15th floor and the apartment is very well appointed and should work very nicely for the time we are here. Couple of small issues, like the unit had not been cleaned from the previous tenant and the Internet was not working but we worked around that (ie: I did the laundry and washed the floor and cleaned the bathroom). Of course, Pat and Gwen supervised to ensure that I did not miss any spots (well maybe they helped a bit, but this is my story).

After settling in it was off for a bit of exploration, some lunch and a stop at the local grocery store for some supplies (booze) for breakfast and snacks. After a bit of a rest and some organizing of our gear we had supper at the “Luv & Oven Restaurant” and found the meal excellent, we got doggy bags for leftovers and could have ordered one meal and shared it and have still been full.

Very glad to see that the Internet is working great here (so far) so I should be able to post without too many problems whenever I can find the time between beach, beer and ….

I have included a few pictures of the unit and the view from our unit for your viewing pleasure. For the month we have paid a total of $1250 which is high for Ecuador but it is in the busiest time of the year and all the prices get upped. similar units if you can find one is going for $2000 to $3000 dollars.


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  1. Looks like a nice joint. Love the view. But I just have to say one thing…(booze) for breakfast???? Hmmmm.
    Glad to see you’re settled in and already enjoying the new digs.

  2. Looks like a great place and you can’t beat the view. Hopefully Santa is able to keep on your travels and find his way to you! Have a great day Murray!

  3. Place looks great! What a lovely view to wake up to everyday. Sea shells on the table already–cool. Just don’t start painting and putting pictures on the wall. We do expect to see you all back in Kelowna eventually. Hablaremos con ustedes pronto! (We’ll talk to you soon!)

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