The Mall!

Well, I must say the lifestyle has jumped up a bit from Canoa. Now I am not dissing Canoa, I loved my time there and even the basic accommodation. The building we are in is one of the newest apartment buildings in Salinas, it has 22 floors and we are on the 15th. We ran into a Canadian couple from the Yukon that are looking for a place to buy. They are on the 20th floor and paying $1200 for 9 days. They tried to get it extended for Christmas but everything is all booked up. I have included a few pictures of the building amenities and the things we will have to put up with for a month while we explore Salinas and surrounding areas.

Of course what could be more Ecuadorian then a trip to an American style mall?  We went to the “El Paseo Mall in Libertad about a 15 minute driver (30 minutes if it was a Canadian taxi driver). No deals here, everything seems to be very close to the prices we pay at home and for some electronics and such, even more. It is also very easy to catch the Red and White bus to the Mall and Back to Salinas for .30 instead of the $3 for three people. Now you can attempt to bargain, usually successfully and get the taxi driver down to $2 or $2.50 but then I usually give a small tip and it comes out the same. So I just ignore the tip and pay him the three bucks thus making things much simpler.

The beach that we see from our room is one of the two large horseshoe shaped beaches in Salinas. A walk past the Salinas Yacht Club brings you to another large beach that I think is even nicer then the one we see from our room. Lots of vendors approaching to sell their wares or try and get you to rent kayaks, sea doos, etc. The nice thing about Ecuador is that when you get tired you simply head to the street and grab a taxi – and there are a lot of taxi’s. You can get just about anywhere within 20 km for two or three dollars.  As a bonus, you get to be entertained, scared and nervous  by the speed and recklessness of the drivers.  I attempted to ask one of the taxi drivers in my broken Spanish if all the hand gestures and horn honking was because he had so many amigos, which brought a laugh.

The cleaning lady showed up  finally (day late) and figured the place looked clean already. We explained that that was because we already did two loads of laundry to wash the sheets, cleaned the bathroom, washed the floor, etc. etc. Of course all that was for naught as she didn’t understand anything we were saying anyway. “O bien – Tomalo Suave”.

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