The Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree - 15BIt is not as easy as it sounds. We were on the hunt for a small Christmas tree which we needed to get up before the end of the world  the day after tomorrow. Yesterday, the mall turned up no small artificial trees so today the hunt was on for real. Started off at SuperMaxi which is a fairly large grocery store about the size of a small Safeway in Canada. Good store for buying groceries so that will probably be our go to store for most of our groceries while we are here in Salinas. Attempted to ask the taxi driver who spoke a lot and fast but this produced no positive results (I take the blame). My next step was to ask at the front desk for help. I was led to the back office and three of the office staff and I had a conversation that resulted in them actually understanding what I wanted (OK so I showed them the artificial tree they had out front). Receiving a sticky note with an address to TIA in Libertad off I went in search of the elusive tree (arbor de Navidad).

Downtown Libertad is a more typical Ecuadorian  place with lots of  small stores, large markets, and busy, busy, busy.  TIA’s was sold out so on to continue the hunt. I found three artificial christmas trees as displays in stores and asked if I could buy them in two of the stores – no sale. Finally there it was, a small three foot artificial Christmas tree but could I afford it? Fortunately I was able to scrape together the $7 for the tree and proudly I the tree hunter was successful. It was almost as good a feeling as when Mom and Dad, the five sisters and I would go out into the bush to locate, chop down and haul back our Christmas tree for home. Of course now I needed to get the supplies to decorate the tree so back to TIA’s to pick up decorations. Selection was getting slim so the theme became silver (that’s what they had). For ten bucks I figured that I had enough decorations to make the tree fulfil its festive role of a Christmas tree on the beach.

My sister Gwen was very pleased and set to work at decorating the tree, a short time later it was done and to celebrate it will be the only picture for this post.

Last night we went out for supper with a couple from the Yukon and ate at the “Mar y Tierre” which was highly recommended by Trip Advisor. I was very disappointed in the food which was OK but the most expensive I have paid in Ecuador. The atmosphere is very nice but was over-shadowed by the high prices and only adequate taste – Not Recommended for those thinking of trying it out.

About Murray Hindle

Retired National Park Warden now living in Kelowna, BC. Spending three months in Ecuador starting November 15, 2012 for pleasure, adventure, culture and language training. Perhaps a beer or two.

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  1. Nice tree. Bigger than ours. Our view is almost as good as yours, but I’ll bet your beaches are a hell of a lot better. Thought your review of the restaurant was great. Never have trusted the sincerity of Trip Advisor. Good blog.

  2. Lovely tree!

  3. Good to see you are celebrating Christmas with a tree, to take it up a notch, down load the fire crackling video, bookmark Environment Canada’s webpage for Alberta temperatures and you will be able to enjoy the real canadian christmas…..

  4. El arbor de Navidad is hermoso! And lights on the balcony too–muy festive. It seems like it took you just as long to be a tree hunter as it did when we went out as kids with dad. How is the water in the ocean and how is the water in the pool. I so feel like jumping in it. My last day of work today until Jan 7. It was scary going to Vernon yesterday as a 58 yr old woman flipped upside down and slid into Woods Lake (she died). In one of the pictures I was wondering, Gwen, if you were busy with work on the computer and Pat, were you busy reading and studying up on your spanish. Gotta go to work. Hasta manana. Love Gail

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