Feliz Navidad

This is the first time in all my years that I have not been in Canada to celebrate Christmas. Some mixed feelings as it is always so nice to celebrate Christmas with my friends and family Last year watching my two grandchildren opening their presents under the tree and skiing and skating in a Manitiba winter was memorable. I would be remiss if I didn’t wish my grand daughter Aven a very Happy 11th Birthday! I can still remember holding you three months after you were born and you were at a fantastic 5 pounds.

What is different here in Ecuador is that there does not seem to be the same commercial hype here as there is back home. While there are some visual indications of Christmas with the occasional Christmas trees and lights it is not the same massive influx of Christmas sights, sounds and commercialism as there is back home. You do however, see lots of people buying toys for their children at the stores and markets.

This Christmas will be spent in Salinas, Ecuador, with the mile long beaches, +30 temperatures and experiencing the culture and people of Ecuador, should be fun. I am fortunate that Gwen and Pat will also be here to help me celebrate. We are now on the hunt for a tiny turkey that will fit in our toaster oven (good luck with that – maybe a chicken).

For all my friends and family, I want to wish you a wonderful Christmas and holiday season with my hope that the new year treats you well. Of course these heartfelt wishes are only good as long as we can get through this little problem -the end of the world thing. I have been speaking to some of the  Inca Elders and have been assured that the huge crocodile in the sky will hold off spewing massive amounts of water for a while longer so we should all be OK but just in case I used up my $1000 credit limit on Visa.

Today we headed off to Libertad with is the city beside Salinas about a 15 minute taxi ride ($2 – $3 depending upon your negotiating skills, although we did get out of one cab after he wanted an exorbitant $4). The Libertad city center is more like the Ecuador that I experienced in Bahia, San Vicente and Manta. Lots of small stores, vendor and a huge market for everything that grows (animal, vegetable and I think bacterial). We had lunch at an Ecuadorian style food court and had a great lunch. Lunch is where we came up with a strategy to prevent Pat and myself sitting  on the curb in front of a clothing store for 45 minutes while Gwen purchased a pair of shoes – she likes the shoes. Pat, not having experienced an Ecuadorian market before was amazed but has said he will never eat chicken again. It was a neat experience and we will be back to see it again.

Well, the crew is waiting for me to finish so we can go to another true Ecuadorian style restaurant ” Big Ralf’s Fish & Chips”, it is owned by a British expat and has got good reviews, I will give you my review after dinner.

Excellent! The fish and chips at Big Ralf’s was all it was said to be, highly recommend a stop there if you are in Salinas. Once again we met up with the couple from the Yukon who are just in the process of buying a four bedroom penthouse suite at the building where we are staying for $270,000 – must be nice.

MananaSnowman made out of cups! Limes Anyone! Libertad Market Market Pat is off Chicken! Banana's Anyone?

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  1. Sounds like a lovely xmas. No hype and lots of kids with toys. If the fish and chips were that good maybe that could be xmas dinner this year. Always turkey/chicken next year. Well not according to some that think world is ending tomorrow. If that is true. Bye Murray and nice knowing you. Ok now that is done. See you when you get home. Yes non believer I am.
    The pics look nice and so much color there. Why do stores here have to be so color coded? Jess turns 25 tomorrow. Reading all updates just not commenting. Keep us informed you lucky dog in the sun. P

  2. What’s the name of the couple from Yukon Murray? Wondering if we know them.

    • Tom: Not sure of last name but it was Alex and Maryln Mah, apparently lots of money between them, if you don’t know them you should get to they have a nice penthouse unit with four bedrooms in Salinas. Murray

  3. Hey there guys… I would give anything to have fresh Fish & Chips, assuming that’s what you guys have been getting.. I agree with Pam, skip the Turkey and go with the F & C for your Christmas Dinner.. Given they don’t put much emphasis on Christmas, maybe you guys won’t feel like you’re missing home so much… It’s now 11:58pm and i’m still here, we’re still here, the world hasn’t gone to pieces or anything I’ll say goodnight.. Enjoying your posts/pictures, take care of each other and be safe… Love Wen xo

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