Parade in Salinas

Military Display in Parade One of a Hundred Groups $130,000 Apartment $130,000 Apartment #2Today was the Christmas / Independence Day Parade in Salinas. I honestly think that every s military person, gun, bazooka and school kid was on parade today marching, playing drums or twirling batons. I am not joking when I say it took over two hours for everyone to pass by the apartment. Lots of colors and I know no where they keep most of the worlds stainless steel Remington shotguns.

After the parade it was back to Libertad to finish off some Christmas shopping so that we have a gift to unwrap under our tree. I left my camera at the apartment so just visualize some of the same pictures that I have posted with five times as many people! It was jammed packed with vendors, people, vehicles and Pat’s favourite “chickens”. Another quick stop at the mall and then back to the room to meet up with a realtor to look at a property in the Alomar which is the building we are in.

Ninth floor with a great view of the beach, three bedroom plus a maid’s room, fully furnished for $130,000. Very nice, if I had the money it would be mine so any of you readers out there feeling generous, well you know how to find me. I eagerly await your call.

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  1. you’d probably end up sleeping in the maids room…. 🙂


  2. Guess I will start over–got half my reply in and it all disappeared-maybe it got sent to you in error. Anyways, I love a parade-that was so genial(cool). And what a beautiful apartment-gotta win the lottery! Nice to hear you will all have a regalo(gift) under the tree Christmas morning. I am going with Linda and Rene to Costco tomorrow(Dec. 24th) morning to pick up some last minute groceries-parking lots are CRAZY right now-should be fun. Today, will visit mom and sparkle up the house a bit. Carinos(~ over the n) a todos!

  3. We all love a parade, and it’s nice to see what is protecting us. Nice apartment. Great location. You know . . . . . . location, location, location. Should go in with 2 or 3 folks. It would kind of be like a great timeshare without the trading ability, for a while anyway.
    Good times.

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