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The Fire Pit

For the past few night it has been great to have a fire on the beach while listening to the surf as the waves roll in closer during high tide. Almost a full house at the Sundown so throughout the evening as they complete their business everyone seems to make it out to the fire at some time. The beer fridge is making money! The system is, you grab a large beer, sign your name on a chit and pay for it sometime later (no hurry). Not everyone was happy with the good time being had at the fire however. The American neighbour was “NOT” pleased with the either the large amount of stinky smoke (driftwood) heading directly at his residence or the joyful sound of very loud Reggie music and good time party noise till the wee hours. Hey! Don’t look at me, I like Country music. To shorten the story, we were able to empathize with his issues , so I spent approximately three hours moving and digging (yes, you heard right – digging) a new fire pit so that she smoke would not blow into his residence. As I write this I can smell the smoke stinking up my room instead.

Not the end of fire stories, don’t go away yet. I had an earlier post telling about how much I enjoyed beer, wine and dinner at the Coconut Hotel, restaurant and bar. Headed back there yesterday for a repeat and was advised that the hotel is closed due to fire. Couple of stories going around but the one I got from Coconut was that a drugged up tenant got pissed off and torched their vehicles. Another story from a different source is that one owner got in a fight with another… Who knows, but off my list – too bad.

I don’t know if I mentioned how much garbage there is in some parts of the beach. Thinking about it, I asked Luis my Spanish Instructor if he and his University classmates might be interested in a garbage day for free beer and some snacks which I would pay for. He sounded keen and I have tasked him with trying to set up before I leave Canoa – will keep you posted.

Perhaps a small light at the start of the learning Spanish tunnel. One of the vendors selling necklaces walked with me along the beach from Canoa to the Sundown. We were actually able to communicate and understand each other in a broken up Spainglish kind of way.

On not as happy a note, I cannot believe how many large turtles end up dead and washed up on the beach. In the two weeks I have been here there’re have been approximately a dozen. It is my understanding that they are caught in the fisher men’s net, drown and are then dumped as it is illegal to possess or catch. Kind of sad to see so many of these large animals dead on the beach.

Anyways, off to the fire on the beach and a beer – or maybe a rum – or …


Note: Photo’s will be posted if and when Internet allows.

“Tomalo Suave”

“Tomalo suave” (take it easy) As part of integrating within the culture of Ecuador, no real post today. Internet to slow for photos, spent evening on beach with Sundown group over a large fire and small bottle of rum.

I am sure that today I will be super busy doing – well, maybe not – will keep you posted.

Tomalo Suave

Note to Readers:

All errors, omissions, spelling in English and Spanish are mine and I take full responsibility. Please feel free to not bothering correcting my misteaks. I would like for you to not have to waste your time and for me “O Bien”.


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