Getting Busier in Canoa

The attatched video is view from my room patio.

Only two short weeks ago I was the lone gringo attempting to learn some Espanol at the Sundown Inn in Canoa. this morning I think there are seven groups, all with a different Spanish instructor. I have tried to convince Luis my instructor that perhaps I could exchange him for one of the bonita chica instructors but he shakes his head “no bien” and he continues in his attempt to teach me some Spanish (I know he is thinking to himself, “the gringo must be able to learn something – anything”).

As it gets nearer to Christmas, the temperature is getting warmer and the surf is getting larger. Many more surfers hanging around town and heading out into the water.

I believe I am now considered a regular at the Surf Shack, they were busy on T-bone Tuesday and seeing my beer was almost finished was informed that if I wanted another beer, just grab it from the beer fridge (I have arrived). My comfort level for travelling back and forth between the communities has also improved. I was the gringo with the large day pack filled with everything I needed for every eventuality (ie: umbrella, rain jacket, Swiss Army knife, guide book, etc.). You know the type,  the tourist walking around with a 15 pound pack in the 27 degree temperatures. You know, the guy with the perplexed look, map upside down and thumbing through the English/Spanish dictionary And taking pictures at the same time.  Of course I am still the same guy, just got rid of the pack and say “Si, Buenas Dias & Gracias” a lot.


No Plans – No Problem

Sometimes it is not the things that you decide to do, or go see, or pay extra money for that give you the most enjoyment. From San Vicente you can take the bus for .50, a taxi for $2 or the water taxi (panga) for .35 or .50 if fewer people. The panga is by far my favorite mode of transport to Bahia and return. You can share a ride with the Ecuadorians as the school kids head to school, people bringing their chickens or a bike full of crabs or heading to work or shopping and even a 50″ TV. I paid for eight people one way and three on the way back (found a nickel to go with the buck to come up with the $1.05) and got some smiles. What do you get for a buck or two back home that makes you feel good?

I was heading down the beach for Canoa around 7pm from the Sundown, it gets dark around 6:30 pm. The tide is up so only a narrow strip of beach to walk. On my left the waves and surf were breaking and on my right lights from the occasional beach house or restaurant. Saw the sign and some activity at the Coconut Hotel, Bar & Restaurant so rather then walk another kilometre into Canoa I checked it out. Started out with a beer, then two and was told I was staying for dinner which turned out to be a great shrimp and pasta dish with garlic bread and a couple glasses of wine. To top it off, the owners, staff and guests ate our dinner to the music of Patsy Cline and good conversation between the international mixture of folks from Austria, Columbia, Ecuador, Canada and the US.  An excellent evening out!


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