A Day Around Canoa

After breakfast my day started off with Luis and Spanish lessons. Luis has two books on “A Comprehensive Spanish Course” that we started off reading verbatim and doing exercises – boring.  After a couple hours of that I told Luis that I preferred to practice Spanish by going places and doing things. Off we went to San Vincent (San V-sen-tay) by bus (.50) a short tour and then a taxi to Bahai (Ba-e-ya) for $2. Luis and I walked around and explored Bahai for hours pile of hours, had lunch and he tried to fill my head with conversational Spanish with limited success however I enjoyed it much more than sitting, reading and trying to memorize. Went to Tia, a grocery / everything store and bought some supplies and snacks. I headed back to Canoa from Bahai via the water taxi which is a 25 minute boat ride over to San Vincent, I thought it cost $5 for the ride but was actually only .30 cents. After a while back at the Sundowner I walked to Canoa for Supper and stopped off at the Surf Shack where two rum and cokes and a huge T-bone steak and fixings cot $12. Hiked back to Canoa in the dark and another day. Thanks for the comments from everyone, they are great to read and know what is happening back home.


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  1. Hi Murray, glad to hear that you arrived safely. The countryside sounds beautiful, love the pictures so far. Good luck with the spanish lessons, sounds like you’re doing not bad thus far (hahaha) The picture of the hotel is MUCH more modern than I had imagined. I had something a little more primitive in mind.. Lucky you! Take care and be safe! Love Wendy

  2. Your very brave. Dark does not work for me. It just may be that you are finally experiencing that elusive thing called retirement. I am totally jealous. You left at a very good time. Sounds like Sheri has her hands full at your house. Linda and Rene have been helping her but they are off to Mexico this week-end. I’ll let them fill you in.
    Pay attention in class Murray as you will be my interpreter when we get there…..buenas noches Murray y hablamos manana

  3. Murray,
    Love your blogs, visualizing you sitting in some little beach shack restaurant sipping rum and eating not Alberta beef! How’s the weather?

  4. Hola. Currently searching for the word snow in Spanish but realized I am asking the wrong person for so many reasons. Glad to hear the first leg of the trip went without incident. Although I never thought pink was your colour. Looks like a great place to kick back and try retirement. No ‘digging’ in the sand!! Wondered if you discovered what the ‘horns’ on the front of the bus picture were? Functional or just trying to appear to be a bigger bug than the local bugs to keep them off the windshield? Maybe a technique those green wearing folks from Sask. could try! Blog on!

  5. Hola Murray, nice pics. I’m sure you’ll do fine at learning the language, especially since it’s something you want. I’m off to my Spanish class in a few minutes. Maybe I’ll share what I’ve learned and we can compare notes.

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