Christmas in Salinas, Ecuador

Sandcastle on the beach

Sandcastle on the beach

Christmas Ocean View

Christmas Ocean View

Salinas Christmas Tree

Salinas Christmas Tree

Well, it is Christmas morning here in Salinas, the tide is going out, the surf is loud of enough that I can hear it over the air conditioner and the temperature is +23 degrees. The Christmas tree lights are on and Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers are singing “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” in the background. While I am happy not to be experiencing the -20 and lower weather that my son and daughter and their families are experiencing or even the +5 where Sherry and her family are having Christmas in Victoria,  there is a lot to be said for being around all your friends and family at Christmas time. Fortunately, Gwen and Pat are here to celebrate my first “Christmas in the Tropics” type Christmas and we have a few presents under the tree.

Skype, Facetime and Magicjack have certainly added to the positive experience of Christmas and indeed travel here in Ecuador. The opportunity to call for free (when Internet is working) talk and at times see friends and family is a wonderful addition to travel. Today I hope to Facetime and Skype friends and family and in a small way join in with their Christmas festivities.  Having this Blog has also enabled me to keep in contact with friends and family and being able to share my travel experiences and receive comments has been great.

A few kilometers south of the winter cold and snow in Canada we will be unwrapping a few gifts that Santa has left under the tree, then perhaps hit the beach or sit by the pool and enjoy an Ecuadorian Christmas. Later we will be cooking our turkey (pavo) which is actually a smoked turkey breast that we paid $50 for if you can believe it. I think we found the most expensive piece of turkey in all of Ecuador but it was the only turkey we could find that we could fit in our toaster oven so as Gwen said “We are worth it”. No fresh cranberries here but I did find some dried cranberries so will attempt to make some sort of rehydrated cranberry sauce – will keep you updated on success.

With the two hour time difference in Salinas and Jasper, Alberta, Canada, I expect that my two Grandchildren Aven and Anika will be up around this time (7:00 am their time) and eagerly waiting to unwrap gifts, I am there in spirit and perhaps even facetime. I want to wish all my friends and family a wonderful, safe and happy Christmas and to thank all of you for the many positive comments and support.


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  1. Good Christmas morning to you all… I’ve just finished putting my Turkey in the oven now while everyone is still sleeping… Mathew & Bri should be over about 8:00 with the children, so once everyone is here the gift opening will start.. Aiden being 3 now has a better understanding of Santa and it’s getting more fun… Enjoy your Smoked Turkey and Cranberry, I’m sure it will be lovely.. You guys all look great, love the the sand castle! Keep the pictures coming. Take care love Wen xo

  2. Merry Christmas Murray, Gwen and pat from Seema and I – wish we were there

  3. Merry Christmas Murray! We are enjoying the day inside, playing games and starting to get dinner together. The weather is much too cold to be outside, I am sure Mel has told you about the brisk weather we are having here in Jasper. Enjoy your day and Christmas dinner

    Kelly, Jurgen, Jeremy, Hope and Aidan

  4. Merry Christmas to you, Kelly, Jurgen, Jeremy, Hope and Aidan. I hope your Christmas and holidays are great however I have tosay that -30 is “NOT” Brisk! it is friggin cold. We hit 29 degrees here that is on the plus side. Just saying…

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