Beach Clean Up !

Beach Cleanup Almost Done Free Meal at Bambu Time to Relax

December 12, 2012 Canoa, Ecuador (Sunny, +29)

Arranged to meet Luis and some of his friends to do a beach clean up from the south end of Canoa towards the caves. There are some big sand flats there and a small fresh water creek coming from the mountains draining into the ocean. A while back when I was exploring the Bat caves I had noticed all the garbage that was deposited along the beach. Some of the problem is the tide bringing in all the garbage but lots deposited from people over time.  Luis showed up in Canoa at 7:00 am with two of his friends so the four of us started picking garbage. Four hours and 20 large bags of garbage later we completed our task having picked up and hauled approximately 500 pounds of garbage from the beach. All were tired and we needed something to eat and drink. We had noticed earlier that the Bambu, a hotel and restaurant on the beach had a sign saying one drink for each bag of garbage collected. Luis talking to the owner got us all a free breakfast / lunch combo and the food and company was great after a really hard morning of hauling garbage.

The Bambu Hotel and Restaurant is a very nice reasonably priced hotel at the North end of Canoa. They have a very nice restaurant with a great view and good food although the food is priced a bit higher then some of the other restaurants.

Some really positive comments from a number of other people observing all the garbage collected , I think we all felt that we had done a good job contributing in a small way to helping the environment. Back to the Sundown for a Siesta!

Walking along the beach to Canoa, the sun is setting and it is magnificent! It sets quickly here and if you stand and watch you can actually see how fast the sun is going down. Hopefully some of my photo’s will be able to do it some justice when I am able to download. The Internet has been not existent for the past few days so I am playing a bit of catch-up with my posts. Usually I am only able to download photo’s around 2 am, so wish me luck.

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